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Last time I was getting my boards printed at seeedstudio (technically printed in a board house, seeed is just the middleman), something interesting happened. I had ordered two batches of 5cm*5cm (10pcs) to get 20 small boards. I had uploaded the same design files for both batches. But there was an error in my design that made a trace overlap with a pad. I tried to contact them and they told me it was already sent to manufacture so I never got the chance to send in a correct design. But when I got the boards back, in 2 separate wraps of 10 boards each, one batch of 10 has the original design (with error, easily seen under a magnifier). Then the other batch of 10 has no such error. I looked at all 10 of them and measured with a meter, no error. So has anyone else had their board design modified (remedied) by board house or middleman, without telling them that they did it? I'll post some images later.

Design error (blue circle with a trace overlapping a pad):

It was a silly mistake. I didn't have overlap until I exchanged the parts from one in sparkfun library to eagle's standard rcl library to get the larger pads. I forgot to run design rule check.
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As a professional PCB manufacturer,maybe I can explain your question.

For the wrong boards (with error, easily seen under a magnifier), their CAM engineers wasn't carefully when they created production file.

For the other batch, CAM engineers found your file error and corrected it for you, so the boards are all OK.

Well, generally speaking, PCB file must be fully checked by DFM (Design for manufacturability ) engineers before
creating production file. So design error will be figured out before production.

Then production file sent back to the designer for approval. And there could still be several further iterations before the designer approves the drawing as ready for fabrication, particularly if errors are found on it. 
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So what you were saying was that one engineer was careful and corrected my mistake and the other (maybe same person without coffee) is not careful and let my mistake pass. I understand. Here is the corrected design:

As you can see, the trace that passes between C3's pads is no longer overlapping the bottom pad. The other batch was made with that mistake. $10 mistake on my part. Just wish I knew who to thank for the other batch of 10. I just tested the assembled units. They are all working.

BTW, I put in a request for quote for a small batch of PCB at your website. Where are you located, shenzhen again?
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