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Hello all,

i am new to Arduino, and programming in general, and having trouble getting things working.  I have a Sainsmart 5 axis palletizing robot with Mega 2560 R3 board and SainSmart InstaBots Robot Controller Shield.  I can not getting any servos working when using the shield.  I have gotten Servos working with a sweep, using a potentiometer, and using a joystick to control 2 servos, but none of those options work when using the shield.  I have 4 AA batteries powering the shield, and the voltage checks out at 5v at the servo pins.  My plan was to use these components to start learning arduino and some programming, but quickly realized that Sainsmart has poor instructions/documentation if its even available.

Any tips to trouble shoot would be helpful.  I am not opposed to buying a different board/shield if there is a good consensus on what to get and if it can control 5 servos.

My goal is to have the robot arm perform a simple task (like move a pen) and add complexity as i learn, but right now I'm having trouble getting one servo to work.

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