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Hi, I'm in Australia and they're starting to shutdown the 2G networks. From what I can tell the most common gsm modules are 2G. The few 3G modules I've found are 10x the cost of 2G and have a plethora of additional features. The only function I really require is to send and receive sms's on a solar powered build so I don't want all the extra functions at the cost of power and money.
What 3G modules have you guys used?


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You're right about the pricing...  the best I've found is around 2.8x

(It seems the price discrepancy starts with the Qualcomm licensing.  4G boards will be free of this, and we may see some relief from those higher prices when they trickle down to the low-volume marketplace)

I'm currently working with a SIMCOM module manufacturer in HK, to produce a new 3G version of their existing 2G 'arduino' shield... for exactly the same reasons.

I'm expecting first sample in (hopefully) 2-3 weeks - PM me, and I'll let you know.
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