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There will be 10 rings of conductive paint, when each ring is touched a projection of an animation (specific to each ring) will appear. would this be possible with a MaKey MaKey?


1. Do you have experience with MaKey MaKey already?
I am not sure if I remember correct, but I think with MaKey MaKey the person who touches something need to touch an other electrode too. So it might be complicated.

2. I have done something like this in the past. I used some touch sensors made with this: SparkFun Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout - MPR121
connected to an Arudino Leonardo (it can act like a PC keyboard) and a PC to trigger some short videos, playing on a projector.
I made some "software" (some simple scrips with Autohotkey) for the PC to start the different videos when different keys (generated with Leonardo) were detected.

Arduino Leonardo is "retired" but Arduino Micro can do the same - act like a keyboard or mouse with your pc.
Always decouple electronic circuitry.


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