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this issue looks resolved. However, it still dont work with WIFI 101. does any one have an idea about how to resolve that ?

Thanks per advence for your help.


@charif you'll need to flash the root certificate for your Azure server. Instructions can be found in step 2: https://github.com/Azure/azure-iot-sdks/blob/master/doc/get_started/arduinoide-arduino-wifi101-c.md#step-2-prepare-your-device


I have the SSL cert on my MKR1000, I can successfully connect to Azure IoT Hub using HTTP GET and POST (Rest API) but using PuBSubClient to connect via MQTT makes the script hang, no error message, no failed connection it just hangs and I have to click close on serial window many times before it will close so it seems to freeze up serial monitor, has anyone got it working yet?

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