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I have worked through updating the WiFi101's Firmware to the latest 19.4.4
I am writing up the detailed steps and will post it later today.


I am looking to update the firmware as well and would appreciate your update.



I am writing it up and clarifying the process.
I have other responsibilities that require my attention.
I hope to post it by Sunday.



please post the instructions since I haven't been able to update my wifi shield firmware.


This seemed to work for me.

Before updating you firmware, check your model number on the wifi module.

2. Read the label on the top of your WINC1500 in order to determine the model of the WiFi module.
   The last letter should tell if you have a Model A or Model B, for example:
   - `ATWINC1500-MR210PA` -> is a WINC1500 Model A
   - `ATSAMW25H18-MR510PB` -> is a WINC1500 Model B
3. Based on your WINC1500 model you must use:
   - `firmware/19.4.4/m2m_aio_2b0.bin` for Model A   <---- Use this as XXX in cmd below if Model A
   - `firmware/19.4.4/m2m_aio_3a0.bin` for Model B   <---- Use this as XXX in cmd below if Model B

Get the wifi shield 101 library from the Arduino Library Manager (search "wifi101")

Upload the FirmwareUpdater example (File>Examples>Wifi101>FirmwareUpdater) to your board

Get the firmware updater from here:


Unzip the Wifi101-firmwareUpdater-0.7.0.zip anywhere.

Run cmd and go to the directory where you unzipped it.

    winc1500-uploader.exe -firmware XXX -port YYY

example (my board was model A on COM6)
    winc1500-uploader.exe -firmware firmware\19.4.4\m2m_aio_2b0.bin -port COM6

I hope this helps a few people out there.

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