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Dear all,
 I want to develop Web based greenhouse monitoring and controlling system using the yun.
I want display the Temperature and Humidity reading on web using html page.
At the same time i want to store that values in SD card in csv format. And same csv file display on that web page.
So can you please give some help to design code for same.
For the display on webpage currently i refer below link


In order to help, it is good to know what you have so far
  • code wise in your sketch
  • code wise on the Linux side of things
  • What sensors are you using

Just browse on the forum. There are a few questions asked about how to use the bridge.h library to get values to the sd-card etc.

If you are completely new, I suggest you start with something simpler ie getting a temp and hum sensor to display correct values in a serial monitor and go from there.

Libraries you might need

Good luck

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