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Hello, I plan to use the Emic2 Text-to-Speech Module from Parallax with Arduino Mega 256.

From youtube, the users key in sentences on a terminal and the module talks accordingly. I want to use it with the Arduino Mega as a stand-alone system without a terminal. Any example on how to write program to make the module to say something based on conditions? For example:

If (variable < 10)
  say "Value is below 10"
  say "Value is equal to or above 10"

While searching the net, I came across a post saying that the problem a user was facing is due to the fact that Mega does not support software-serial on all pins as it uses pin-change interrupts to monitor the Rx pin. I have no idea what that means.

I know that the Emic2 works fine with UNO. Has anybody succeed in using the Emic2 with the Mega? Could you please show us how to do it?


The Mega has four hardware serial ports so there is no need at all to use software serial if you have a Mega.


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