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We will have meetups weekly on Thursdays between 7PM and 9PM at the Idea Fab Labs Chico 603 Orange St. Chico, CA 95928 (530) 592-0609

This is an all ages (children must be accompanied by an adult) all levels Free event. Users are encouraged to bring their own projects and problems Our knowledgeable mentors will be on hand to assist. We welcome professionals, software developers, students, inventors, electronic enthusiasts, artists, designers, hobbyists, families, DIYers and curious minds who want to learn how make their own hardware and write code for it to interact and interface with the physical world. We join together to talk, experiment, do show-and-tell, and learn from each other. It is a free-form kind of event, opening with a lightning talk (topic will change each week), followed by working on projects, asking mentors for help, borrowing parts, and trying out some new hardware! Our meetup is for all the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro-controller, Internet of things (IoT), robotics, drones (UAV) and interactive design enthusiasts out there. Beginners are always welcome and can expect to get support for their projects. People from every level are welcome and encouraged to join.

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