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I am attempting to receive data from my arduino but every attempt i make fails and receives no data. I am attempting to use VB (since it is simple and the serial functions are built into the express 2008 version (which is free). Using other threads i have been able to easily send data to the arduino. The problem i'm having is that I simply cannot receive data. I made a simple sketch that will receive data from the serial port and send it back to the serial port. This sketch works fine with the serial monitor but I cannot figure out how to make something similar.

My project requires reading from the arduino and using this data on the computer.

This should be simple but it just isnt working. Has anyone made something similar for testing purposes in VB?



If you use the datarecieved event  in VB you have to use a delegate to deal with the data. It has to do with the serial port stuff ion VB running on another thred than the User interface stuff.

You might find this small program i made usefull for checking out how to recieve data in VB from Arduino


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