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Hi everyone,
I have designed an Arduino shield and I need makers to use it in their projects, so to get feedback on it. :)

It is a shield that allows you to stack additional microcontrollers (atmega328p) on top of your Arduino Uno/Mega. The additional "cores" are trivially programmable and you can communicate with them either through UART or I2C.

I have been building some miniature autonomous vehicles during the last couple of years and have often needed additional microcontrollers for computationally intensive components (e.g. to integrate the readings from a 9DOF IMU or an ADNS3080 mouse sensor). Another reason to use an extra microcontroller, was to to manage secondary systems (i.e. flashing lights) without integrating their logic into my main firmware/sketch. I believe very similar concerns are present in the domain of drones. Last but not least, one could always find the extra pins helpful for whatever they are building.

So, if you are interested in this, please send me a private message with a little bit about yourself and where/how you are planning to use the shield. I have 5-6 shields available to give away and will be shipping them to you free of any charge, worldwide.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask!

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