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Hi all,can anybody help me about code for send image via RF transmitter using arduino uno or mega
and the image store in SD card  shield or memory interne in arduino


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Send the image in the same way you send any data.


how?if you can send the code please


Apr 07, 2016, 10:35 pm Last Edit: Apr 07, 2016, 10:36 pm by jremington
how?if you can send the code please
The code would depend on the radio modules you are using. What are they?



sending data over any radio link often incurs errors. I suggest you convolutionally encode it to transmit, then
 a Viterbi decoder at the receiver. Rate 1/2 should be good enough.  All digital mobile phone , microwave datalinks and satellite comms use this ( or variants of this ) error correcting technique. It isn't terribly difficult, though processing power  will be a limit to your data rate. I take it you're using simple fsk rather than various levels of QAM for transmit?

Your radio link may supply you with analog or digital signals. If analog you can improve the performance using a 'soft' decoding algorithm. 3 bits resolution is good enough.



if all this is gobbledegook, ignore and handle errors some other way -eg CRC with retransmit requests of limited size packets




Use VirtualWire. Start with the simple examples, and don't worry about the "end of life" notice. It works fine.


Sending an image over that will be incredibly slow. You realize that, right?  Seconds or minutes per image.
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