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Hello guys,

i'm not sure where to post this question, so feel free to move it to the rigth forum.

I'm actually working on a datalogger to log temperature, o2, co2 and humidity to sd card in caves.
I'm looking to a cheap Arduino box, closed and enough high to fit Arduino UNO r3, a shield and power source. External power could be OK but i prefer an internal power source).

Due to external environment (water, humidity, dust) the box should have minimal open holes (maybe none).

I found some boxes but all are open ones (holes for shield connections) like this one : http://www.amazon.com/SB-Uno-R3-Transparent-Clear/dp/B00HFSWC06?ie=UTF8&keywords=arduino%20box&qid=1460472322&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

Someone can point me some boxes with these characteristics ?
Thanks for your help



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I use standard weatherproof electric power outlet boxes. They are not ideal, but nothing ever is, and they require work. power is external. The price is reasonable. Next time I will make my own.



Try www.polycase.com
All kinds of variety in waterproof boxes available.
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The two big ones are Bud Industries and Hammond Manufacturing:


Get the part number then find on Digikey or Amazon


Thanks for your replies i"ll look for something similar "project enclosure".


Perhaps you need to specify the IP code, when selecting an enclosure.  Such as IP68.


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If you don't really care about how it looks then you might consider one of those plastic food storage containers with the snap-on lid.   Cheap and readily available in a range of sizes at your local grocery store.  Plus if you choose a clear one you can still see if the LED's are blinking without opening it up.

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