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Hi  everyone, I have a problem with atmega324a, I would like to import it into the IDE Arduino (Win) online but can not find a useful guide for setting up the ide
can anyone help me out? (I do not care the booatloader, I have a MK2 AVRISP)
Thank you


Perhaps this.

You generally need a core (see above).
Minimally, you need a variant and an entry in boards.txt.


Yup - The MCUDude MightyCore supports the 164/324/644/1284. That's all you need. I think it's even got optiboot.
ATTinyCore for x4/x5/x61/x7/x8/x41/1634/828/x313 megaTinyCore for the megaavr ATtinies - Board Manager:
ATtiny breakouts, mosfets, awesome prototyping board in my store http://tindie.com/stores/DrAzzy

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