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Hello, Do you know: What is the limit max current Power 5VCC pin Arduino Mega?

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Depends on the input voltage.

Some estimated values. Cool environment, not enclosed.
With 12volt on the DC socket, about 150mA (average current).
With 9volt on the DC socket, about 250mA.
With 7.5volt (minimum voltage) on the DC socket, about 400mA.

The limitation is overheating of the 5volt regulator.


limit max current Power 5VCC pin Arduino Mega?
What is this? Is it power or is it current or is it voltage?

When powering and Arduino the current capacity of a power supply does not matter so ling at it can supply at least all the current the Arduino can draw/ That is about 50mA for the processor plus anything else on the pins sourcing or sinking current.
The voltage must be over 7V to allow the regulator to work. Any voltage higher just gets burned off in heat.

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