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Hi all .
I was wondering if i could use bascom-avr with my arduino duemilanove and how to do this and if i have to change the bootloader then i want to know if i can change it back to the first bootloader it had the arduino'w one.


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I think the vast majority of people here use the Arduino with the Arduino IDE. Some may use AVR Studio.

Which microcontroller has your duemilanove got ATmega168 or ATmega328?

I'd suggest you google for "bascom-avr Arduino" and the appropriate ATmega, maybe also try duemilanove.

You might also ask the vendor of bascom-avr.

If bascom-avr does support the mictocontroller, the next question is whether the Arduino's USB interface is critical to your use of bascom-avr or not. The serial I/O over USB is likely to work, if bascom-avr supports the microcontroller, and uses the USART, but only the developers of bascom-avr could give you a definite answer.

I have no idea what other facilities bascom-avr requires on a board, but the developers of bascom-avr will give the definitive answer.

If you overwrite the Arduino bootloader, then, providing the chip is undamaged, the bootloader can be rewritten using an In-Circuit-Serial-Programmer, or using another Arduino and ArduinoISP/MegaISP (in the playground). It can be done in a couple of ways, at worst you'd use avrdude, which is included in the Arduino IDE.

There is more information on this forum, which can be found using the Search facility at the top of the page.

I don't think I can give you any better answers, but the support organisation for bascom-avr should be able to.



If you choose to use Bascom... there is nothing really special to consider.

You would lose the Arduino bootloader and you will be using the ICSP plug to program with so you lose what makes the ARDUINO work like an Arduino. (IDE, serial bootloading, pin assignments, etc)  At that point you have a generic Micro controller board with a built in RS-232 port and an LED.

You then have to start looking at the AVR chip to determine actual pin mapping and disregard all Arduino assignments unless you feel like writing a pin mapping header that matches Arduino assignments (non-trivial).

So you will be talking to Actual PORTS and PINS from the AVR/Bascom perspective.  

You should be able to use any BASCOM pre-written sample code as long as you take into account the LED pin and the Serial Communication pins built into the board.

Result:  You will have to think of the Arduino board as something like this: http://www.olimex.com/dev/avr-p40-usb-8535.html


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