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I'm interested in the section Upload using an external programme on this page. https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/wiki/Arduino-IDE-1.5-3rd-party-Hardware-specification
However it marked as todo.
I would like to support the external programmers for uploading sketches in my Arduino eclipse plugin but I fail to understand how to interpret the content.
For instance the content for avr isp is
Code: [Select]
avrisp.name=AVR ISP

ID.name is clear.
But what about ID.communication that seems to be serial or USB?
and the protocol is mentioned 2 times. once as ID.protocol and once as ID.program.protocol. I have not seen a example where the 2 are different.

And why is there ID.XXX and ID.program.XXX?
Can I safely assume that when ID.program.tool=avrdude the upload pattern is tools.avrdude.upload.pattern?

Any help is welcomed.
Best regards
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