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Maybe, the Proteus & Isis names just seemed a bit familiar.


Feb 11, 2010, 02:35 pm Last Edit: Feb 11, 2010, 02:36 pm by Mario_Nava Reason: 1
Jabber is right. ISIS is the software simulator I used.
Proteus and ISIS are complementary tools. ISIS does the simulation and Proteus does the schematics and PCB, or so. Never used that part, yet.
Unfortunately is not free though a demo version exists (don't know about it's features tho).
I am lucky because a friend is a hardware developer and use this software for his company's duties so I had access to the features needed.
I know (just took a look at the site) that educational licensees exist with 20% discount on commercial prices.

Anyway if you pm me I can give you a couple of examples of a barebone ISIS project you can use to test and try. Once you got the software, of course.

Happy if I can help and "give something back" to the community.


PM sent.

Thanks, I didn't notice the AVR simulator. However the price is a bit steep for the version that works with an ATmega168/328,  even with the 20% discount it comes to around $400 dollars.


I have an AVR Dragon programmer and avr studio 4 which are together capable of running the atmegas under debug control.  start/stop, look at memory etc.

i haven't tried it with a sketch but i have run the bootloader and i was surprised at how well it worked, showing me the source code, variables etc.  i notice avr studio has a simulator included though, again, i haven't tried it.


Unfortunately, like the Matrix, you cannot be told what VirtualBreadboard is, you have to see it for yourself  :)

So here is a video preview http://tinyurl.com/ylzf4yb that will take 3 minutes of your time.

VirtualBreadboard like the name suggests is a simulation environment for embedded but like Arduino the emphisis is on software development.

VBB now has support for the Standard Arduino board and supports Arduino code development within VBB itself so you can instantly run your code on Virtual Hardware without programming which saves time - especially if you dont have the real hardware yet.

Naturally there are a few limitations which I will follow up on in a later post/s and not all the libraries are supported but I am hoping the Arduino community takes an interest in VBB and encourages them to be added.

VBB is FREE :-) but it does only run on windows so it might not be for everyone .

There is alot more to be said but for now please feel free to download and have a play with the built in Arduino examples for starters.

Get it here, http://www.virtualbreadboard.com

Look forward to your feedback.


well geez, this looks like fun!


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ok, I loaded the virtual breadboard to my XP machine.  It starts fine but when I try to load the blink sketch I get a fatal-looking error:

right up til then it looked geat though.  It looks like it supports various micros including PIC and propellor.

Ahhh.  I notice there are a bunch of dependencies(DirectX, .NET, J#).  I'll have to see if I want a few more GB of MS code on my poor machine.


My Guess is you dont have one of the dependencies installed.

J#.NET is the most likely - there is some instructions at the bottom of the virtualbreadboard home page for the dependencies you need. I could bundle them all into the distribution but then it would be 100Mb no 14Mb

Yes, I also support several Microchip PIC Cores and the Basic Stamp - not the propeller yet though it is on the way


Apr 05, 2010, 08:22 pm Last Edit: Apr 05, 2010, 08:24 pm by bill2009 Reason: 1
ok got it.  I needed directX and j# - total maybe 50mb.  The VBB is nothing short of amazing.  It is nearly as cool as the arduino itself.  Below is a picture of the simulator running the button sketch.  Bottom left is a window with standard arduino code and the top shows the simulated arduino.  Very very cool!

note to VBB: Great product - you should really put a note in the main News section.


Thanks - so glad you like it!

--- note added to News Section, thanks for the Tip.


I downloaded VBB onto my Win 7 x64 pc today and it runs 100% (On your site you state that u'r not sure if it will run on x64 :))

Great sim:) thanx a stack....

Can you pls provide some help on adding Visual Basic Component Libraries?

Once again thx for VBB.. its helping a Embedded nuub ALOT!!


Thats great News, I had hoped x64 would work but had not tested it directly.

I will be setting up a forum shotly over at virtualbreadboard.com to discuss vbb specific stuff like component development. I will post here when that is up.

I am presently adding some more Arduino library support and answering some questions on the supported syntax which is at the moment a bit of a subset of Arduino but I am working to get closer to the Arduino syntax and supported datatypes.


Hi VBB,  I downloaded VirtualBreadBoard yesterday and I think it's an useful tool for testing circuits with the Arduino board. Thanks very much.


There is something I don't get it.
For example: how can I recognize the cathode/anode of a LED component? there are some way to add some sort of resistor somewhere?

P.S: nice software though. :)


Any chance this is going to run on non M$ platforms?

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