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..hello friends..

I did not post much, but i was present all the time around here, watching nice work some of you did..this time, i have decided to show some of my recent projects, and i hope you like it..

This is industrial grade coffee packing machine, which i have rebuilt (control system), with use of arduino and my SMC program for arduino/desktop (no programming required). So in essence, arduino controls whole machine, self adjusting speed, self diagnostics, Controlling 3 phase AC motor trough Siemens Sinamics V20 inverter, including speed, several steppers, bunch of various sensors (temperature for heater, cutter, bag pull system, etc)..program for arduino based control computer is done trough desktop application, and after it is compiled, its simply saved on to micro SD card and loaded by arduino, trough touch screen. Everything works well, and i'm about to do final assembly in to enclosure.

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