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May 09, 2016, 06:11 am Last Edit: May 09, 2016, 07:04 am by Mike44449 Reason: Added circuit diagram
A new method to capture raw data has finally arrived! This program and circuit (embedded device) gives you a platform to capture unprocessed data (analog, 0-1023, 0-5v) and store it on an SD card. Simple instructions and an optional "headless" operation allows easy data-logging for numerous purposes.

Key Features:
-Capture data from up to 3 analog (5v) sensors, using analog pins 15, 14, and 13
-Easily store it on an SD card of choice
-The use of an SD card isn't even required, simply say so during setup!
-Easily add capability to record more sensors
-It can run either "headless" (without a computer) or without an SD card installed

While the code and circuit are public domain, I consider them to be open source. Modify both and share it; pass it around. I do ask, though, to please do so constructively, and I ask that you tell me of any modifications that you make so I can improve my future projects.

I understand this is not a 'full-featured' logger, I plan on adding Ethernet, but it was really meant and designed for super quick functionality. No code modifications, just build the circuit, add sensors, and hit start with no computer, or no card.

-Circuit diagram should be there (if not, please notify me and we will fix it)
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