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hello everybody!!
I tried to make a basic bluetooth speaker with the modules hc 05(transmitter) and hc 06(receiver) but I met a problem.
The problem is the code to extract the sound 8bit from SD card and to send the sound by BT from one UNO to another one.

I just have the code to extract the sound from SD but I don't know how to send via BT....:'(
here is the first part of the code


The TMRpcm library reads the audio data, stores it in a buffer, and then inmediately outputs it as a PWM's duty cycle. You might need another way to retrieve the bytes from the WAV file.

Furthermore, is the serial comunication fast enough to send out 8 bits as quick as the sampling rate of the audio file?
Even a 16 KHz sampling rate (8 bit and monaural) needs a 128 Kbit/s of bit rate.

Careful! "Bit rate" and "Baud rate" are not necessarily the same!

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