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I see.

So the Low impedance/High impedance modes are set by the dial or by the connection (10amps,mA,Volt)?


Actually you will fry the leads.  There is no fuse on the 10A sockets, and the shunt is a thick piece of
wire, thicker than the leads.
I said that, but was howled down.  See reply #5. :smiley-roll:

But that would mean having to have two sets of precision resistor divider chains, rather than one.
More to the point, it would imply using the selector switch to interrupt the 10 Amp shunt.

Ain't gonna happen!  :smiley-eek:


And I think backed up by #9 re fuses in 10A circuit.

Good quality meters do have fuses. $5 specials from China probably not.


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