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Hi all.

I've got a new Uno board that I've been using on my Mac OSX fine.
I utilise RS232 a lot with my windows laptop so fully understand how to change the COM port number using device manager etc.

In device manager I'd usually change a COM port but in device manager the Arduino shows up under "Unknown" devices, with it's name as "COM19". When I click on the device properties it opens up saying:
Device type: Unknown
Manufacturer: Arduino LLC (www.arduino.cc)
Location: Location 0 (Port_#0002.Hub_#0001)

There is NO option for Port Settings - nothing.

If I unzip the "old drivers" folder from the IDE install folder and force windows to install them Device Manager just refreshes and starts up with the old driver again.

How do I go changing the port number?!


I should state that I can see the device in the Arduino IDE and I can also use a serial port viewer to see that there is data arriving at COM19...

I just need COM1 - 17 though..

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