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You may create expectations to match other prices by doing so.
They don't have to be true expectations either.

Since ancient times one thing said often enough is "if you can buy it for less elsewhere then go elsewhere".

That cuts a lot of BS without placing onus on the seller. Losing a bad sale isn't a bad idea.
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Your sketch can sense ongoing process events in time.
Your sketch can make events to control it over time.


"if you can buy it for less elsewhere then go elsewhere".
correct, but it was done for comparison purpose

who claimed the copyright infringement is a big dealer in the big business world of refurbished systems, UNIX services, including second hand system, and replacement parts to government agencies. say no less than hundred thousand bucks per year

as far as I understand, he uses to buy things on ebay and on less famous flea bays, he tests them, possibly he repairs them, then, after his considerations on diagnostic and affordability, and he can resell outside ebay, where, according with his price list, the new price will result more expensive by different order of magnitude due to the service and due to the warranty he can offer.

nothing wrong with this, we simply have completely different customers, offering them completely different services

in my case, I was saying something like "hey dudes? are you hobbyists? are you looking for warranty and DOA? I can offer a decent service for less money you would pay from a dealer"

keep in mind I am in the middle between who simply offers the "as is, no DOA, no customization, no warranty", and who can offer these services but within the pricelist of a dealer



If the prices on the list possess a "creative spark" then the list is subject to copyright.

If the prices are copied from others then the list is not.  If the prices are generate by mathematical formula then the list is not.
ebay investigation was about that, prices were copied from others, just 3 of 996 lines were copied and there was no "creative spark", therefore the list was not subjected to copyright.

thank you for the link, it helps to understand in details



Sometimes its just good to have a rant,

Totally agree, good rant or kick the dog.

My dog agrees too, and offers his thanks.(wags tail)


That seems to be a buyer-centered view.

An object may be sold for less than it's worth but that doesn't make it worth less any more than overpriced junk isn't junk.
sure, it's a micro business, I am more a buyer than a seller (70% auctions as buyer, 30% as seller)
so, how do you determine the price ? and what is a reasonable price?
  • a) It is a price that the consumer is happy with and will buy the product at that price
  • b) It is a price where you can make a profit from selling the product

to have a deal, they must be satisfied both

in order to determine the sales price I have also to consider
  • the manufacturing costs of the product, in my case it's the cost I have to find the object (typically it means how much petrol I have to put in my car in order to pickup), clean it, repair it, plus the profits required
  • the price in the market and competitors selling the same product, in my case, I have to fight with dealers and junk-sellers
  • the cost of risks, breakage, decay/rot, left over stock

obviously one aims for maximizing the profit, which also aims for minimizing the costs, on ebay I have to pay fees and taxes to paypal, I have a lot of competitors, most of them are selling untested things, they offer no DOA, no warranty, but the main problem I have is related to customers which want cheap shipping, therefore possibility of breakage during the shipping or because they have no idea about what they are doing. I have to assist them, which costs time and effort, fortunately I have no decay, but, in order to provide 90days of warranty I need to have replacement parts, consequently I can be trapped into "no left-over-stock", which is a cost for me because I have to buy more parts than how many I can sell.


I think that the best idea is to publish a link to the price list rather than copying it.
Pricing has always been a very sensitive issue in the commercial world.

That is why secret shoppers are used for online best deal type sites.
Especially for competitive industries like groceries/computers etc.

The price lists are very jealously guarded.

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