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I am developing a telemetry system based on the Arduino, have it working with xBee and such, and am trying to interface with a GPRS modem (Wavecom Q2406). I got it to work using SMS but would prefer to use GPRS/sending data to a site (much cheaper in the long run).

I have been unable to do this on the Q2406, although I have this working on a Q24Plus - Basically, the AT commands seem to be missing from the Q2406. Has anyone had a similar situation and been able to solve it - how to set up a TCP connection from an Arduino to with a Q2406 communicating via the serial port (USB)


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I checked my files and found the following. Forgive me if it is a bit vague, it was quite a while ago:

Firstly it is my understanding that the modem has to have been originaly setup to accept the wipsoft stack or it will not work, I could be wrong.

I used DWLWin V. to upload the firmware and wipsoft to the modem.

The only firmware files I could find on my pc where the files :
I can't remember where I got them. :-[

I also got hold of a gcc_WIPSoft_pack.zip file that contained the wipsoft bin and wpb file. from what I can see I uploaded the wpb file.

If you pm me your email I could send you the files, they are about 10MB in total.

You can also get help at the Wavecom/Sierra forum but I did not find it very useful.

Hope it helps.



Sorry one last thing, to get the modem to comunicate to the arduino you will need to use a max232 chip.

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