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Currently I am working on a robotic platform with three omniwheels. The driver I am using is from Faulhaber and it can only communicate through RS232. I was able to control it using USB to rs232. However, since I am using sensors for obstacle avoidance and wall following task, I wanted to use Arduino mega. That is, send the control code PC to Arduino  and then use ttl to rs232 converter to communicate with the driver. However,I have the following  confusions.
1)  I don't know how to make use of the motor encoder values to control the motor speed and directions
2) I don't know how to send the readings from the ultrasonic sensor skirts and send the command to Arduino so that the robot avoids obstacle and follow wall.

I have a working for controlling motor speed without encoder feedback(working code in visual studio).

I have a Arduino code that ttl to rs232 conveter (arduino open source)

and I have a code for reading data from 8  ultrasonic sensor
any help is highly appreciated

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