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May 19, 2016, 03:34 pm Last Edit: May 22, 2016, 12:24 pm by Jantje
For the yun I have developed my own bridge https://github.com/jantje/ArduinoLibraries/tree/master/SerialBridgeCommunicator which has become a basis for all my "remote setups".

Now with the yun shield I would like to use this bridge and I and wanted to document here how to get things to work.
Remove folowing line from /etc/inittab to disable the arduino bridge
Code: [Select]
::askconsole:/bin/ash --login
reboot to take effect.

To set to 115200 baud rate ( that was the maximal stable serial connection I could achieve with the yun).
Code: [Select]
stty -F /dev/ttyATH0 115200  raw -clocal -echo

now you can see what arduino is sending with
Code: [Select]
cat </dev/ttyATH0

and send commands to arduino with
Code: [Select]
echo send this to Arduino >>/dev/ttyATH0

The only thing remaining for me is to disable the wifi or reset.
Edit:wifi or reset is not enabled on the yun shield.

Best regards

Note that the above stty instruction assumes you have installed the needed software by running following commands
Code: [Select]
opkg update
opkg install coreutils-tty
opkg install coreutils-stty

I also use these commands to force a reset of the arduino with a reboot of the linux
Code: [Select]
echo "#!/bin/ash" >/bin/reboot
echo reset-mcu>>/bin/reboot
echo /sbin/reboot  >>/bin/reboot
chmod +x /bin/reboot

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