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Hello there,

i have been searching the www for long but i didnt found a suitable solution for my problem...

I want to build an "interface cube" which is glowing/ fading from the inside and is able to detect position, pressure on several locations and send the data via Wifi. It also in my interest to build the cube without any wired power supply from outside.

The hardware i will use consist of: teensy 3.2, BN0O55 modul for position, ESP8266 modul for wifi, 5V usb powerbank with 10000 mAh for powersupply and about 36 smd LED's to make the cube glow from inside.

The problem right now is that i dont know how to controle and power these LED's. Every LED needs about 20mA. This makes 720mA for all LED's. Arduino Mega can supply only 500mA. For teensy i havent found anything about the max mA which it supplys but i doubt it is much higher then arduinos.

What i am trying to find is a small, seperate 5V powered shield with at least 36 outputs to fade these smd LED's via teensy (maybe be able to fade every LED on its own).

Do you have something in mind that can help me find a solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance :)

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