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Arduino IDE Linux ARM installations instructions for Raspberry Pi 3 runing Raspbian Jessie.

1. Download arduino IDE Linux ARM from arduino.cc (https://www.arduino.cc/download.php?f=/arduino-nightly-linuxarm.tar.xz)

2. open the folder with file manager, then extract the file.

3. select all files, and extract files with full path then click extract.
Wait until light stop blink and turn solid green.

4. open the folder and click instal.sh and selet on the popup window execute, this will add an icon on the desktop.

5. open the IDE. open file, then open preferences on Arduino IDE.

6. In Additional Boards copy paste
http://arduino.esp8266.com/stable/package_esp8266com_index.json and click ok.

7. open tools and under Board, selet board Manager, on type window click down arrow and then click contributed.

8. selet esp8266 by ESP8266 Community version 2.2.0 then install.
if you get error during installation is ok, click ok and close; then go back to arduino ide an click File Preferences.

9. open
/home/pi/.arduino15/preferences.txt, at the botton of the window, once this window is open you wil see two folders one say packages and the othersay staging.

10. open staging/packages, you will see four folders, extract
the folder name linuxarm-xtensa-lx106-elf-g46f160f.tar.gz. now
open the extracted folder and copy the conten of the folder.

11. go back to.

12. open the folder name 1.20.0-26-gb404fb9-2 and dele all it content.
if you getdenied error, right click and select properties and click permissions tab,in change conten selet anyone, click ok and delete the folder.

13. once the folder conten has been empty copy the conten of the folder that you decompressed,into the empty folder.

14. close and open arduino IDE. open Board Manager, on type window, down arrow to contributed tap and selet esp8266 by ESP8266 Community version 2.2.0

15. click more info then click install,this time you shouldn't have  errors, selet your board the right port and enjoy. :)


Besides badly formatted instructions that are run-on sentences, I am not sure what is your point in posting this.


The main reazon for me to post this, is to catch the attention of morons like you and make them miserable, now I know that this realy work the firt day I caught one jiiihaaa. :)

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