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Topic: WH3080 weather station and splitting of the signal at the RJ11 sensor cables. (Read 464 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi, I have a question to ask.
I split the RJ11 cable that carries data from a rain gauge to its wireless base station to connect
to Arduino, the sketch is already ready, but I somehow doubt doing some performance tests.
In fact, the power supply from 3V cable is already past, and so it is useless to give power with Arduino,
I probably need to do a pull down strap on the cable end of the rain gauge connected with Arduino, whereas the wireless base will have its pull down on the cable end.
However you have any idea how to connect and choose resistance? the rain gauge only two wires
and I not have to plug it in theory supply dell'arduino.
Appearance some ideas ... the weather station is a WH3080.
Once you understand how to go about the rain gauge lighthouse the same for the anemometer and the sensor the wind direction.

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