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Hello all.

I know people have used android smartphones for the sensors through using an android app, but I am wondering if it is possible to use it for sensors by disassembling? If not, how would I get the smarphone to communicate sensor readings to the arduino without tons of hassle?

I am not extremely knowledgeable, but I am always willing to learn!


No, that will not work, as most of the sensors are integrated into the phones motherboard and have very complex protocols over IC2 or what ever the mixed bus that they use, instead use something like App inventor or Automate to Send sensor values via Bluetooth to your Arduino. 

That is you would need a cheap Bluetooth shield for your Arduino.

Bluetooth is easy, and there are already libraries out there that support it for Arduino.  As for app inventor or automate, they are mostly click and place block assembly code.  So it will be as easy as fitting a cube into a cube shaped hole.

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