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Hi, I wonder if you can help me with a new project.

I have a cheap Nokia phone which i have connected the tx, rx and gnd to some cables, after some research i found this phone is compatible with the FBUS protocol. I also have my very nice Garmin GPS which I have successfully connected to my Arduino by using the Garmin serial cable and some simple code to just display the output on the serial monitor NMEA protocol.

The idea of my project is to create a simple tracker that when i send a text to the mobile phone it will get the GPS location and speed and send it back to the number.

The problem is the tutorials i have found for the GPS use the tx and rx pins and the tutorials for the FBUS protocol also use the tx and rx pins.

Could some one explain or help me with some code how to use other pins for the tx and rx for both of the devices and how can i get the location data out of the strings them pass it on to the phone to send as a text which i have not found any tutorials for.

Thanks for any help you can give, Dave :)


There is very nice software serial solution for using other pins:

You could connect either device to software serial pins, though since the phone is the on-demand device, I'd connect that to the hardware serial pins, and the GPS to the software serial pins.
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