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Is there any way to send a bluetooth signal from arduino to a smartphone camera?

We're building a 3D scanner using a smartphone. The arduino controls a rotating disc that's driven by a servo. Every 24 ° the servo stops and a signal should be send from the arduino bluetooth module JY-MCU to the smartphone so it takes a picture.
The programming of the servo is easy but I can't seem to find how to get the bluetooth module to operate the smartphone's camera.


Not an Arduino Question, Its an Android programming question, you would get a better responce on one of their forums  :)
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I was hoping to find someone here that has already done this so it saves me the programming :)

One more thing, and this is an arduino question, are there any libraries need for sending bluetooth signals and what kind of signals can a bluetooth send and how do you determine what the bluetooth module sends?


If i send something with the bluetooth module, should I use HEX code? I found that all I need to do is to send CR (enter) so the smartphone will take a picture. In order to do so, the module should send a CR code to the smartphone. But I'm not sure what code to use, binairy, hex or...?


Ok, managed to solve this problem . Anyone who's interested how, PM me

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