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Bob  Yes each Arduino has its own port  I use Port 6 for Rx  & Port 9 for Tx.I run a blank sketch through each Arduino before loading up each sketch.  I also disconnect the Tx port while uploading to Rx and vise versa.

Robin  I agree but I just cannot comprehend why without touching anything but just uploading another sketch (eg Ralph Bacons sketch and another I have found which is appropriate to my needs) the connections work without issue and the NRF's work fine.

While I still have some hair I think I will just abandon this sketch and try to proceed with the others.

I do have questions regarding the transfer of integers so should I start up another thread or continue here?

I really appreciate all the help you have tried to give me and I understand what you are saying about the connections and once I get something working I will hard solder all wire connectors.



I was near to pulling my hair out yesterday with what I thought were poor connections between an nRF24 and my genuine Mega.

It turned out that the nRF24 is faulty - but not completely dead. It is one from a new batch I bought. I think it has trouble receiving so it was showing failed Txs as it was not reliably getting the acknowledgements.

When I tried another one from the batch everything worked as expected.

I had spent about an hour doing timing tests with the faulty device and then had to do it all over again.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

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