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I live in a rural area where cellphone coverage is terrible,  and my "city slicker" phone (small internal antenna, and no external antenna jack) just isn't doing the job.  Also,  I've been thinking it would be fun to get an older cellphone with a serial interface,  and use it for adding remote communications (like having my security system call me if it detects a problem,  or monitoring remote equipment) to Arduino projects.

But getting useful into has been a problem:  google searches tend to turn up a barrage of sites wanting to sell ringtones or fluorescent pink carrying cases,  and online reviews are focussed on what games you can play on the phone,  or how convenient it is to give yourself repetitive motion injuries by texting thousands of your closest friends.  Even the owner's manuals tend not to have specs like transmit power or receiver sensistivity.

Does anyone know of sources for info on features like computer interfaces and RF performance,  especially ones that have comparison tables to help find suitable phones for specific needs?




you know, you can always take apart your cell if the warentys up =D
add a new antenna =P

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