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So my question is pretty straight forward I just want to know if i need a shield or anything like that to hookup a push button to an LCD display?

Any input would be much appreciated.

Love ThePyro


What are you wanting to do exactly?

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Feb 05, 2019, 08:22 pm Last Edit: Feb 05, 2019, 08:23 pm by ThePyroManiac
i am trying to make an if statement that say something like

if ((total >= 1) && (button is pushed)) {execute}
by pushed i mean if it gets pushed and released not held
does that make sense?


The thing is, you need to start by explaining what parts you have, how you presently have them connected together and what you want to do.

A "shield" in this context, is a piece of hardware, unrelated to the software.  They are nothing more than a structure to make connections in a way if that happens to be convenient to your immediate needs.  There is no necessity whatsoever to use them, and they are only useful for a particular design purpose.  To use a button, you simply connect it - between an Arduino pin and ground.  You code to read that button.

While the UNO is regarded as the archetypal Arduino, unless a particular "shield" allows you to perform a task with little further connections, it is much more practical to use a Nano which can fit on a solderless breadboard to develop circuits, and then use "protoboard" PCB or a custom PCB with the Nano mounted on that, to make a final usable device.


alright thank you i figured it out i do have another problem but its with the code and i can probably figure it out on my own 

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