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Jul 22, 2016, 07:19 am Last Edit: Jul 22, 2016, 07:35 am by RenegadeProxy
I enjoy the realms of science-fiction as I'm sure many here do and lately have been revisiting the works of William Gibson, playing some Shadowrun: Dragonfall and otherwise devouring all things cyberpunk that I can get my hands on. That said, I've also been wanting to delve deep into the realms of computing on all fronts. Mostly, I want to apply such skills to growing my own fictional work beyond mere text. That said, I was inspired by the idea of cyberdecks. Now, while I'm not keen about hacking the Gibson or what have you, I do very much relish the idea of what amounts to a portable desktop computer. To that end I did a few searches and came up with this: http://www.d10d3.net/#!cyberdeck/co0n
Exactly the idea I've had in mind, a perfect precursor to a design of my own for mechanisms related to my fictional works. That said, I use said works as springboards for real-world application and though I am far away from the ultimate goal those hold, this seems like the perfect start. Unfortunately, what that intrepid builder has looks to be little more than a fancy casement for a laptop. A prop well-made but a prop nonetheless. What I want to build is a full-form computer, complete with bells and whistles that utilize the casement more completely. Arduino is a thing that has been floating around in the peripheral of my mind for a while along with a few other such concepts and this has brought them fully into focus.
My questions then are these: how would I go about building such a deck as a fully-realized portable desktop complete with head-mounted display, integrated touch-pad and the like, would it even be feasible and just what hardware would one need in order to pull it off?
I look forward to thoughts on this in full understanding that this is likely not an Arduino-centric idea.


I think you have the wrong forum, you are asking questions about PC level development, this is an arduino microcontroller forum.

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Build a Memex. Even more complex than a Babbage engine and lots more geek cred.
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