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i just bought an uno board to use it in my project, then when i uploaded the sketch , it stucked on the board, and the board does not show on com any more, and when i plug the boars, it does not make the sound when plugging usb device .

 the sketch i uploaded is in attachments.

please i need urgent help.


Does the Power LED turn on?
Does the '328P chip feel warm or hot to the touch?
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Nothing you can upload on an uno (except if you're using an external ISP programmer on the pins for the 16u2, rather than uploading to the 328p as you normally would) can prevent it from displaying in device manager. If it previously worked, and now on the same computer (with known working usb cable - there is a plague of bad usb cables going around) it doesn't even give the noise when plugging in new hardware, that indicates you have damaged the usb serial interface. Official boards are very vulnerable to damage of this sort from abusing the power rails.
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