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HI, I'm trying to receive CAN data from Arduino CAN-BUS Shield V1.2 my car VW Tiguan.

The massage "CAN BUS Shield init ok!" was displayed..

But I could not receive any data..

Here's my environment:

Arduino UNO R3

Seeed Studio CAN-Bus Shield v1.2 (I removed the terminal resistor)

OBD-II cable(6pin, 14pin)

VW Tiguan vehicle (2015)

CAN Bus rate setting : 500Kbps

Arduino baud rate setting : 115200

Thank you in advance.


I have the same issue did you solve it?


The Tiguan 2015 is using UDS(2009-2015) or UDS+(2015--->) protocol for communicating over can bus.
Here you can find something useful: https://github.com/openxc/uds-c

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