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I'm building an el-wire suit for a music festival and I have a little problem with isolating my relay module. The relay module I'm using is this one:


I have a 12V DC power source connected to inverter from which AC power splits into 4 cables which are then connected to el wires through relay. Relay is powered up through yet another 6V DC power source and it's GND is connected to Arduino GND along with GND of 6V power source. This sort of works but I think that toggling the relay interferes with readings from microphone and MSGEQ7 chip.

How should I connect the relay so it's isolated completely from my circuit? 


Maybe not the answer you're looking for, and a year late (but maybe you're going to the same festival this year?), but I've started using this module for EL wire: https://www.tindie.com/products/Fyberlabs/mini-el-flex-module/?pt=ac_prod_search

You can switch four channels, since it's I2C you only need two pins to drive it, and I've had some decent success with color shifting Aqua wires from blue to green by changing the frequency :-).

It gets rid of your relays (which probably use a bit of current) and you could power it all with the 6V supply. In fact I'm planning to use 18650 LiPo batteries for my system.


I recommend using optoisolators for the isolation. I also recommend zero cross optoisolators so that when you turn the EL wire on, you won't fry the wire due to the inrush current. This is a problem I've had where so much current goes into the EL wire that it fries the phosphor coating.
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