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Try it out yourself... Ohm's law is R = U / I. Solving for U yields U = R * I. This is the voltage drop of a resistor. Now connect a 10K resistor across +5V and an input pin. Measure the current by placing a multimeter in series. Notice that the current is very close to zero. Thus the voltage drop across the resistor is almost nonexistant. This is because, as others have pointed out the input pins have very high input impedance. Repeat the experiment with other resistor values if you like :)




We're in the 21st century and I'm an old EE and the days of classwork, lectures, and lab can now be done in just minutes on your PC.  You will get a clear understanding of what is happening, you can use your fancy calculator to verify, but the value of today's tools is the instant feedback.

Paul has done a remarkable job of making learning (re-learning) fun: http://falstad.com/

For electronics, the reference is: Circuit Simulator



Thanks MrBurnette !

I will check it out.

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