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Hello there,

I am trying to make my LED strip blink - but it won't.

I've attached a picture to explain my setup. The MOSFET I've used is a Stp16nf06l.

Is this correct so far?

Is the problem that the wires are not soldered?

(this is my first project, i#m more the software person, so please be indulgent with me :) )

Thanks and best,




Hi Jane. If you are serious about making this work, you need to get yourself some more kit, and do at least the minimum amount of soldering.

I suggest getting a breadboard, some solid core wire in red, black and a couple of other colours, some resistors (330R, 10K), a socket for that 12V plug plus tools like tiny piers, wire cutters, strippers, multimeter, small soldering iron & solder.

Solder some wires to the end of the led strip and the socket and then you can build the circuit on the breadboard.

I take it you are just trying to get one channel to work at first?

Before you connect anything up, draw a schematic diagram (hand drawn on paper is fine and probably better than trying to draw something in Microsoft paint) and post it here for checking.



Are you sure that power pack is that way around? Most power packs are center positive, not (evil) center negative.
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Hi Paul,

Yes, I am very serious about it. Need to get it done urgently for a performance.

The aim is the following:

I want to control the flashing speed of three LED strips individually with Max/MSP and the UNO. Ideally the three strips should blink in different colours, so one red, one green, one blue. But that would be a luxury, I would already be super if I make them blink at all.

With my current setup i just wanted to try if i get only one to work for a start and if I'm following the right idea.



Thanks for your advise! (Also to you, septillion. You were totally right, the LEDs are shining quite bright now :)

I will be back here soon with a shopping list and draw a diagram, would be great if you could doublecheck that...


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OK. Can I give you another piece of advice? Ask here before you buy.

You want 3 strips to flash in 3 different colours? Why not buy single color strips in 3 different colours? Cheaper than rgb strips!

Another possibility which would be more expensive but simpler overall would be to get ws2812b strips. No MOSFETs needed, just connect the strip directly to the Uno. Ws2812b is also known as "neopixels" and they are rgb leds where you can control the colour and brightness of each individual led to make animated rainbow patterns or whatever you need.

I am also curious to know: of you are more of a software person, why do you care about max/msp?

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