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BLE only works on my Arduino 101 board when the USB power supply is attached.  When powering board with 9v or 12v through the barrel jack, I cannot connect to the board via BLE but all other aspects of the board appear to function properly.  Faulty board?


BLE is working fine for me with Arduino 101 and a 12v wall wart to the barrel jack.  Maybe it's a faulty board or power supply issue?


Please make sure that your sketch is not waiting forever for the Serial port (eg. with a while !Serial ) since the Serial object is instantiated only if the USB is connected.


I need to press the master reset button every time to get the BLE to work with the barrel jack supply. I am using a 12V 1A power supply. It connects directly when powered using the USB (I don't need to keep pressing the reset button). Why does this happen? I do not have a while(!Serial) loop in my code.


I am having the same problem with having to press master reset to get BLE to work. Did you find a solution?


Exactly the same issue for me. BLE connects with USB power, fails to connect with 12v power. I'm not initializing the serial, so that's not the issue.

Very frustrating.

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