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Hi blimpyway,
Thank you for your reply. The H-bridge modules look like a good compromise with the advantage that they are prebuilt and won't test my soldering skills. I looked at the L9110S modules and also the L298N which maybe better as it has a larger voltage range. I'm thinking that if I use for example the output OA1 to the load, then the other side of the load to ground the voltage drop will be less than 1 volt? Plus it would give me 4 channels?
Yes, both L9110S and L298N modules have four channels. The L298N is significantly  bulkier, has more power range as you said, and one possibly important feature is that every pair of outputs that make a single bridge can be switched in high-impedance mode, through an extra "Enable" pin. That means the two outputs will neither provide current from positive voltage nor sink current to ground.
That could be useful when stopping or PWM controlling DC motors. If you stop the  motor by switching off "Enable" pin the motor behaves as the circuit was interrupted, but when you switch its both terminals to + or ground, that produces a hard brake like when you short the terminals to each other.
L9110S can only switch a line to VCC or GND, can not make it "float" and that limits its use to hard-brake only behavior. For PWM controlled motors is usually  more desirable to have on-float-on-float pulses than on-brake-on-brake ones, but for small motors that would work too.

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