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I'm not gonna bore you guys with the long story, but I can clarify if needed, so the short one:

Would 2 megohm be too much to use between the me wearing a wrist strap and a ground wire that goes to the ground on the wall socket?

For what I see on the web, everybody uses 1 MO, and I understand that 2 MO would also work? I know enough to understand that I don't know enough :D , so I thought of asking.



Over ~1M means you probably won't risk electrocution if there's a lightning strike, but much more than perhaps
10M allows mains interference to produce high voltages that also risk static damage to delicate CMOS/MOSFET

One thing to be careful about is placing sensitive components on metal surfaces when the surface and component
might be at a large potential w.r.t. each other - the initial contact would generate a destructive discharge.

Thus anti-static wrapping is all very slightly conducting, not metal.
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Right, that was I was afraid of, using too big of a resistor.

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