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From your responses I can only take into consideration that you have not made any attempt to address any points made not just by me but by others.

Its both a waste of my time in this part of the topic and probably others until you see fit to read and reply to specifics instead of reliance on sudo and cartoon science or stop trying to poke the subject into your view of alien life with banal responses.

Maybe open a new topic "Sci Fi" or something similar ?

BTW my view of "life form" ranges anywhere from single cell upward. And as I clearly stated "lower"  but you failed to comprehend that, the topic is moot.

i did read every single thing posted by everyone .. i don't think i ignored anything ... "cartoon science" , "banal responses" ? that's like a straightforward insult  .... a single cell is already a very advanced life form ...

in fact , your definition of a life form is too narrow , since the definition of a "cell" is also too narrow . in fact i am trying to be as scientifically correct as possible , i only mentioned things in probabilities and speculations when it comes to that subject . in fact i think i did do more effort reading and understanding your posts than the one you did reading mine.

anyway ... this post has gone waay out of subject .
it's all about the melons .


As far as "unevidenced belief" Thats your view and one you are more than welcome to express.
However that does not detract from the higher majority who do believe and puts you in a minority view.
Although your personal view / belief is still valid to you.
There were times when the majority believed the world was flat, did that make them correct?
If so, when did the world change to an oblate spheroid and why did nobody notice?

Do you believe there have been cover ups by governments or institutions over assassinations, aliens or any other similar  topic covered by the conspiracy theorists that are often touted without evidence ?
Not any of the unevidenced ones.

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