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Good morning Mates,

im new in arduino and currently im working on my first project, I have installed different sensors on my project.

LDR - For Light Seeking Mode
IR - For IR remote control Mode
Ultrasonic - For Anti-Collision Mode
Bluetooth - For Android Phone Control Mode
PIR Sensor - For Motion following mode.

im using DIP switch to switch to different modes, 2 DC geared motors and L293D chip (personalized PCB) for motor control

my problem right now is im having problem with the PIR sensor. just for the record all PIR sensor are working properly. when I switch on to PIR mode and put it on the floor  the motors will run slow. I think it is because of the movement of the robot PIR sensor can detect not the movement of the environment but the motion cause by the movement of the robot.

now, my question is, is there any way that I can use PIR sensor for detecting motion ei heat recognition? and is there any sensor that I can use for the function?

sorry for the long post  :)  :)  thank you in advance mates keep tinkering

by the way here's the link for the PIR sensor



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If your robot is moving, then the PIR sensor will be triggered by minor temperature differences in the surroundings.

Consider using the MLX90614 thermal sensor, which can detect warm objects regardless of motion (to a point). There are various versions with different angular apertures.


if im going to use my robot outside do you think heat from the sun will affect the sensitivity?

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