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Hey guys,

I'm a beginner to the arduino language and overall electrical engineering, however I have learned enough about this topic to have a goal to create a metronome using the "Particle Photon" as my set up. So far, I've learned about the tone() function, but from what I've experimented with that function, it only creates one distinct sound. I was wondering if there are any libraries of sound files I can use in replace of the tone() function to more of a "metronome-y" sound.

Any type of help will be greatly appreciated.



What's a "metronome-y" sound? More like a tick-tick or tap-tap kind of sound?
Do you have an oscilloscope and microphone that you can record a sound to see what it looks like?

I've used this one on a laptop to look at hum from a tube amp to figure the frequency that was causing the hum
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