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I really interested to know, have you started programming in Arduino? After seeing the threads pointed by @Robin, seems like you are confused a lot and shows a lack of experience in programming.

I suggest give some time to learn programming, if your interest is in Arduino, give it a try.

Understand a little bit about compilers in general is also a worth.
Yes, I programmed in Arduino.  I also programmed in C++ more than 5 years before Arduino existed (if we take 2004 as the earliest possible date since that's when Wiring was created).

I did not realize that the Arduino language was the C++ language.  (Not a dialect/a patois/a version of/a subset of).  The reason I didn't realize this is because it's not stated clearly.

@marco_c - those were some great examples of beginner trip-ups!!  Thanks a lot.

EDIT: I've now written up what I've learned in this "35-second Arduino language reference for expert programmers".  Thanks for everyone who contributed.
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