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I've been diving into CPU architecture for a while now, but still pretty novice.

I have a good understanding of higher-level codes, and a good understanding of the (really) basics of CPU architecture from the book "But How Do It Know".

So as I advance into more modern and complex processors I keep running into the concept of parallel processing. "The general strategy employed by modern IA-32 processors for achieving parallelism is to simply execute two or more instructions at the same time." Eilam, 2005

Do these processors have multiple ALUs? multiple independent Buses? or is the architecture just so different from what I've studied so far that it is inherently set up to execute more than one instruction at the same time, and I should just keep on with my studies?

I know I'm getting ahead of my curriculum, but sometimes a question just comes up and bugs me.

Suggestions for text books, or other in-depth material are always welcome!



Google "hyper-threading"

employed by modern IA-32 processors
Sooo last decade


Sooo last decade
hahaha, yeah, i'm working my way through history :)

Thanks for the suggestion!

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